Can My Dental Health Issues Affect My Overall Health?

Posted on: July 15, 2018

dental health

Dental health plays a vital role in overarching biological health. The manner and frequency in which you care for your teeth and gums have the potential to sabotage the rest of your body. Fail to take proper care of your dental health, and it will only be a matter of time until your flawed dental health causes additional problems away from your mouth.

Dental health is connected to cardiovascular health

Oral health professionals are adamant gum inflammation heightens the chances of heart disease as well as stroke. The dental community believes gum disease boosts inflammation across the entirety of the body and consequently causes cardiovascular disease. The Canadian Academy of Periodontology states those suffering from periodontal disease are two times as likely to experience a deadly heart attack than those who do not have periodontal disease. Furthermore, this group states those plagued by periodontal disease face a higher risk for heart disease.

Dental health is also tied to lung health

Patients with periodontal disease are saddled by an excess of bacteria in the mouth. These individuals are more likely to inhale germs that cause lung infections such as pneumonia. Those with pre-existing lung issues such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) will likely find gum disease makes their condition that much worse.

Dental health's relationship to diabetes

Diabetic patients are that much more vulnerable to gum disease. Data also shows serious gum disease might contribute to diabetes as it impacts one's ability to control blood glucose. According to the Canadian Diabetes Association, bacteria generate toxins that affect carbohydrate metabolism in cells. This phenomenon occurs as periodontal disease is an infection. The dental community generally believes the host response to such bacteria heightens insulin resistance and consequently boosts glucose levels.

Oral health is especially crucial for pregnant women

Pregnant women plagued by progressive gum disease are that much more likely to suffer from gestational diabetes, have a baby of low birth weight or deliver their baby pre-term. Pregnant women should visit with their dentist at a fairly high frequency during pregnancy to guarantee their oral health is in tip-top shape.

Oral health can even impact joint health

If teeth grinding or clenching is severe, it will affect the lower jaw joints that dentists refer to as the TMJs. TMJ is short for the temporomandibular joints. Aggravated TMJs will cause tightness and/or pain, headaches and possibly even earaches.

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